When no one's around to hear you, no one's listening.....      
Didn't Planet's first full length, all-original album, "We're Goin' Nowhere" is available for download at:
CD Baby
Hard copies are available at shows as well.

This concept album brings to life the unfortunate misadventures of Didn't Planet in its fledgling years as a cover band, and features a hard rock Les Paul guitar sound, vivid, clever lyrics and rich harmonies. This excerpt from the "We're Goin' Nowhere" liner notes says it all:

These songs are an homage to cover bands everywhere. We know it ainít easy. Friends that 'promise to be there on Friday nightÖ REALLY!' bar owners who inexplicably canít remember who you are after 7 years of booking with them, countless requests for songs you donít play, and even more countless requests to 'turn down the drums.' Add to that the sheer number of us out there... if cover bands were pigeons, Greater Boston would be Harvard Square at lunchtime. Thousands, identical to the untrained eye, all vying for the same French Fries.

So when you bring 50 people to your show on Block Island, which is 3 HOURS AWAY and requires a ferry ride and does not offer free parking, donít be surprised when they refuse to book you again, because theyíre confusing you with the band from the night before, who brought 5 people and parked illegally.

Your only recourse, naturally, is to write songs about people like that. Thatís what we did. A bunch of originals about being in a cover band. And in the process, we turned into an originals band. So there it is. You can play covers, and pull your hair out trying to make money by booking lots of gigs, or you can play originals, and easily book a bunch of gigs that might pay enough for you to square up with the parking meter at the end of the night.


We're goin' nowhere.