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With lyrics that come from somewhere, maybe the heart, damaged ears or hung-over head, this band has wonderfully disjointedly expressed what it's like to joyfully put up w/all the head aches of payin' your dues "if you want to play the blues." It's an album about being in a band. Their sound is kinda straight forward rock'n'roll, which I find refreshing in this time of sounds from unidentifiable instruments. Excellent guitar licks backed by a fine driving rhythm section. But the lead singer's aw-shucks, f-you vocal manner, blurtin' out those A+ lyrics is what pulls it all together. That's right, they seem to have actually written songs AND they have something to say. Somethin' like "I'm having an ok time, but that ass in the corner needs a punch...never mind, who's got the next round?" The content is real, the sound is raw but intelligent & well produced, the message is "every band" if not everyman. This is a very good record, the strongest tracks are "California", "Bitter" & "Someday I Might"; but I recommend getting the full album as its damn good from start to finish.